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petal, leaf, root. by Just the Goods

Introducing petal, leaf, root. by Just the Goods, a new collection embodying the mostly highly requested features received during JTG's first 9 years of operation.
All petal, leaf, root. by Just the Goods products are: 
  • made with 100% certified organic plant and mineral-based ingredients 
  • vegan and certified cruelty-free by the Leaping Bunny Program 
  • free from artificial preservatives, colours, and/or fragrances 
  • free from gluten, GMOs, nuts, palm, petrochemicals, and soy
  • offered in glass bottles/jars* and packed in boxes printed on post-consumer paper with plant-based inks using a waterless process
Additionally, products in this line are made with low or no essential oils, and special care has been taken to select botanical ingredients that are generally considered safe for use during most pregnancies and nursing. Still, it is best to check with your individual health care providers in case of any personal circumstances which may deem otherwise. 

Beyond an emphasis on certified organic ingredients, a key distinction between petal, leaf, root. by Just the Goods and other Just the Goods products is that these items have been designed with the interests of retail distribution in mind. That is, by embracing a traditional wholesale/retail distribution method, petal, leaf, root. by Just the Goods may become more widely available at brick and mortar shops in other cities worldwide. So, for those of you asking if handmade products by Just the Goods can be found at a store near you, these are items you are invited to request from your local vendor. 

petal, leaf, root. by Just the Goods products will be sold at retail prices via, and this conventional markup structure will make it possible to offer a few other widely requested features such as “free shipping” with minimum purchase incentives, and coupon codes. Just the Goods acknowledges with full clarity that such incentives are available specifically because petal, leaf, root. products will be sold in a traditional retail manner, whereas the primary line will remain committed to reduced profit margins so applicable shipping rates will continue to be calculated at true market price promoting transparency and accessibility in products available direct from the handmaker… that is, me here at

This new line currently features facial cleansing grains, toner, facial steam, face mask, and serum for normal/sensitive skin.

Unlike Just the Goods' convention line, which is largely a DIY endeavor, petal, leaf, root. by Just the Goods has engaged the skills of others, to whom I'd like to extend my thanks:
  • Jasmine Ottenson (IG: @JazzyHandsTattoo) for beautiful drawings of ingredients used in this line
  • Housefires Design and Illustration for elegant carton and label design
  • Hex Metals & Minerals (IG: HexMetalsMinerals) for truly lovely photography

And to those reading, thank you for your support during JTG's early years - I'm very excited about this new, parallel project and look forward to overseeing its further development.


Milena Lye
Founder/Handmaker, Just the Goods



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