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Client reviews

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Thank you so much for your email, I really appreciate you spending the time writing to me and explaining everything in details, this is an amazing personal touch that customers don’t get when dealing with huge corporations, please continue to do this after you grow to become a major global company :) [...] Thank you again for the great level of attention you give your customers, you deserve all the best for you and your great business :)

— MK, San Francisco, via email

I’ve been using your products and they are great, and my skin is looking better than ever! I’m getting ready to order larger sizes of most of the products I tried :)

— MH, North Carolina, via email

I got my order and just wanted to say thank you for making our lives easier when it comes to choose the right products and ingredients to put on our bodies. What I have tested so far has been great. You do not feel the heaviness of the chemicals, the dryness of alcohol or any other ingredient that will harm your entire self, especially now that we have a 2 year old daughter and we want her to take advantage of all these wonderful goods that you make. By the way, she loves the heart shaped bath melts, she says I love you when she sees them and the unscented butter we just got for her has a wonderful smell – I might steal some from her ;).

– AV, Ontario, via email

it’s taken me some time to respond to your kind email. We received our order the day after your email so all is well. We love your vegan toothpaste!!! So happy we found you….. Thanks again for your correspondence.

— AF, Boulder, via email

Thank you so much for your prompt and complete reply. [...] I am happy I’m gonna get to try these lovely, simple, handmade products.  I used to use Dr. Hauschka products but the expense was unsustainable, on lots of levels.  Then I made my own products for a while but doing so just for myself meant bulk buying and storage of raw ingredients was kinda impractical.  I was excited when I discovered Just the Goods’ products in an art co-op store in Durango, CO.  Like finding a great, fair trade, organic cotton clothing brand that is reasonably priced, or a really nice vegan, gluten free bakery.  Treats with a conscience.

— KS, Denver, via email

Thank you so much. I really appreciate how thoughtful you seem and care about your customers! It’s really nice.

— PM, California, via email

I just wanted to let you know also, that I ordered the dry skin facial moisturizer…it is awesome! my face has never felt better and the fine lines seem to be less noticeable which I did not expect.  Great product and worth the  wait on shipping from Canada!

— VR, Texas, via email

thanks so much for making such awesome things and educating me (and others) in this wonderful anti chemical world

— SM, Winnipeg, via email

got products today and I am very impressed so far. the wash cleans very well, toner smells nice and lotion gives me a glow. Body lotion feels great on my hands.

— WF, California, via email

And thanks again for all your help!  You have a beautiful business and I look forward to experiencing your products :)

— RL, Montreal, via email

Thanks again, your products are really amazing!!!!!!!!

— MT, Winnipeg, via email

Thank you SO much for you reply! It really meant a lot that you took the time to respond so thoroughly. I really, really appreciate every piece of advice you offered, and I will undoubtedly use your recommendations [...] Something I forgot to mention is just a great big thank you for development of your products! I am an ethical vegan, as well as a raw food enthusiast, so finding a product that is made with such care and with the similar ethical motivations is just…simply amazing. Again, thank you Milena! I really appreciate all your hard work!

— LS, Virginia, via email

I am loving the product very much and it is much more convenient  to get all vegan products to your online shop… You’re not only an angel to the animals but, to all vegans around the world…..

— ARC, Singapore, via email

LOVED IT! Because I’m in the uk, it took a while to get to me but totally worth the wait, this is the first moisturiser that actually works on my dry skin (without being greasy) & even after make up doesn’t make my skin dry out! The was is great to especially doesn’t leave my skin too tight. Finally it appears to have cleared my spots as well!!! Stuff of miracles this is ….it also all smells amazing and they sent me a free body butter sample which is sooo good. Will be ordering again!

— sorchamyles, UK, via Etsy

And also have to say… just was using it from weekend when I got it… and my red spots are so much better that my husband say it too :)

— ZBM, Turkey, via email

Thank you, thank you, thank you so much!!! [...] I will continue to enjoy! I have received so many complements on my skin!! Keep up the fantastic work!!! :-))

— SP, Detroit, via email

Day 3 of using @justthegoods and my skin is glowing.. Doesn’t feel dry at all. Amazing– I’ve tried almost everything. I’ll be back!!

— @sspader1 via Twitter

Thank you Milena.  I like everything I ordered and will order again.

— CD, Pennsylvania, via email

thanks a lot for the quick reply. the order has finally arrived last saturday and the articles are all great!

— ML, Rotterdam, via email

I tell everyone about this deodorant because it really works!! Thanks in advance!

— LVW, Winnipeg, via email

I LOVED your interview you shared in your newsletter. You speak so well and I enjoy listening to the way you explain your ideas. I shared the video with my husband and I think hearing from you (as opposed to listening to me) several different times is helping him realize the importance of what we put on our skin! Thank you for this!

— KS, Texas, via email

That is a HUGE opportunity with the boxes and such, and as an avid fan, I do believe that it really only takes one little sample of your products to know that’s some damn fine shit.

— AC, Winipeg, via email

Hooray! I had this amazingly decadent evening in [...] last week where I decided to heed my heart’s desire and fully abandon my plans to go out for the evening. Instead, I ordered pizza in to my hotel, watched 5 episodes of orange is the new black in the bath, and gave my worn-out feet a super deluxe JTG home pedicure treatment. It was amazing; thanks for indirectly facilitating it. But I’m now out of foot scrub, so I’m excited that my order is in.

— CB, Winnipeg, via email

Yeah! I started to use Just the Goods products exclusively about a year and a half ago, and I’m not turning back! Thank you so much for your beautiful creations, Milena! xo

— Marcie Fehr, Winnipeg, via YouTube

And again I just want to say that your products are the best for me that I have found so far in the “homemade” category – I am 38 years old and still break out in acne with my menstrual cycle and your face wash makes a HUGE difference in this! As well your lotions  are the best that I have found – they actually absorb in and don’t leave an oily feeling behind!

— JM, Winnipeg, via email

Hello from Austin, Texas! I recently received my first order from Just the Goods and I’m really loving my initial round of products. I was browsing through the blog, This Rawsome Vegan Life, and that’s how I heard about your skin care line. Just wanted to say hello & thank you! Already looking forward to my next order

— NAM, Austin, via email

I have been looking for you for some time…and I am glad that I found you! The world is filled with overpriced, overhyped and outright dangerous crap that good, uneducated folks are using/putting on their bodies.  It is so unnerving that is our reality (esp. here in the states) and anything I can do to help….

— JC, Kentucky, via email

I got my order yesterday! Thank you so much! I have to tell you, I have always spent a gozillion dollars buying $100 night cream and expensive acne spot treatment, but after using your products for the last couple of weeks my skin has never been better and clearer! I used your acne spot treatment last night and this morning I woke up to my blemishes almost gone!!! That has never happened with any products ive ever used before! So thank you so so much xo I literally want everything on your website lol

— KM, Winnipeg, via email

I recently received a cancer diagnosis (and have told very few people). The prognoisis is extremely good and I’m grateful for that! Now here’s where you come in. It’s more important than ever to me to avoid putting toxic things in or on my body. In the last little, I have been so extremely grateful to you for your products for making that possible. [...] AND good for me… it doesn’t get any better than that! So THANK YOU!!!

— [initials and city excluded to further protect privacy], via email

I’ve finally received the product today. I was worried if it won’t arrive, but it’s so relieving. I was so amazed by the special new label. It’s so innovative! I thank you for being so kind and trustworthy. I will re-purchase the products in near future. Besides, I’ll introduce your products to my other friends in Korea.

— [name in Korean characters that won't reproduce properly here], Korea, via email

After the weekend, let me know if I can talk you into a custom listing for 2 full-sized jars, so I don’t run out! :) Thank you again for the special blend. Great customer service!! :)

— BS, Toledo, via email

Hi, Milena! I’ve just recently decided to stop using XOUT, and I’m going to try the oil cleansing method instead while using your face wash for acne prone skin. Just spent an hour or so reading about benzoyl peroxide and all the other JUNK in ProActiv products–eesh. Just wanted to say that I LOVE (like, literally, I’m in love) with your moisturizers, they’re literally flawless and they make my skin so happy <3 Thank you for existing, you’re a wonderful person! –Remarkably Satisfied Customer

— SB, Reno, via email

My skin is looking MUCH better since I started using @justthegoods skin care products again. Also, the bonus is my face smells awesome.

— @hellocupcakewpg, Winnipeg, via Twitter

What i’ve been doing is using the sensitive face wash, toner and cream in the morning, and the acne-prone face wash, toner and spot treatment at night. My face has calmed down quite a bit! I’m seeing a significant difference, and i’m soooo beyond happy! I’d like to order more

— SD, Montreal, via email

she absolutely LOVES your playful sugar scrub! She thinks yours is the very best she’s ever used!! She’s hooked!

— KB, Winnipeg, via email

I love her creams for dry skin! My friend gave some to me for Christmas and it got my super dry and crack-prone skin through the winter.

— KC, Winnipeg, via Facebook

I can’t say enough good things about these products, Milena, and her business ethics. Her commitment to wonderful, affordable, and ethical non toxic products is inspirational. I encourage you to try them for yourself. And don’t worry if your skin is sensitive/reactive. I’ve never found anything better for keeping my skin happy!

— GF, Winnipeg, via Facebook

I highly recommend “Just the Goods”!

— KH, Winnipeg, via Facebook

buy Milena Placentile’s Just the Goods products. She is the best — brilliant, personal care eco-feminist!

— HL, Toronto, via Facebook

A good example of a responsible and educated business owner!! Way to go M!

— SC, Toronto, via Facebook

I have used and I recommend! Moreover, Milena is really nice and kind.

— DB, Winnipeg, via Facebook

Our ethical skin care maker! She’s local to Winnipeg and can ship almost everywhere. Amazing stuff. We hardly use anything else. Watch the video and check out the shop at the link below.

— AF, Winnipeg, via Facebook

Thank you for making such outstanding products! They are the first products to work on my dry skin and I love the leave in conditioner too :-)

— AB via Pinterest =-)

I guess I’ll break it down. Face wash- contains small “exfoliating” pieces which surprised and pleased me. Extremely moisturizing! At first I thought “waxy” but not at all, its just my skin NOT being dry. Toner- my favorite! Gentle and super cleansing. After one look at my used cotton ball I was sold. Doesn’t dry my face like commercial toners. Lotion- superb! Keeps my face moisturized all day without feeling heavy or greasy. My skin has totally improved since using these products. And the lip balm, oh man! Probably my favorite. I work outside in the pacific NW so my skin is exposed to a lot. I will never go back to commercial skin care! Thank you so much!

— KM, via Etsy, (about face)

Nice that you can remove eye makeup without using harsh chemicals!

— Brenda, via Etsy

Received the item before I expected it to arrive. And it works wonders! I love how the ingredients are all natural, and how it moisturizes my skin so much better than commercial products.

— CW, via Etsy

Bought it after trying a sample. It’s a really great face wash – skin looks clean, fresh and I just like the feeling. Besides I share the views and believes of JustTheGoods! Great shop and great product! Thank you for creating it!

— LY, via Etsy

It’s wonderful! Buying the big bottle after trying the sample. I just love it, inside (very refreshing and skin looks very good) and outside (i loooove these bottles)! <3 // It’s wonderful and workds great for dry skin. It’s gonna be a present for my mom who has the same dry skin as I do. I know she’ll love it!

– LY, via Etsy

THANK YOU! I’ve been waiting for years for my acne to go away and all I’ve ever needed was this lotion. Every other moisturizer was either too harsh or too oily, but this one absorbs right into the skin, leaving it soft, supple, and CLEAR! Not to mention the light and pleasant scent (; I’m never buying another face lotion again.

— AL, via Etsy

just wanted to tell you guys how much I admire what you’re doing. Your vision is beautiful, your products are beautiful, your ethics are beautiful. Everyone needs some Just The Goods skincare in their lives! Thank you for creating such beautiful & kind skincare, and for making amazing alternatives to chemical-packed skincare. It’s really refreshing & so wonderful to see.

— MP, New Zealand, via email

I acknowledge that it hasn’t been long enough for my skin to become fully accustomed to your line (I’ve been using the facial wash, toner, and moisturizer for normal/sensitive skin) but I did want you to know that your wash and toner have attributed to my skin feeling exponentially cleaner and more refreshed after a long day’s work. Your products are the first I’ve used that showed a physical difference after only a few days. My skin feels softer to the touch, and [not] nearly as irritated as it used to after a simple cleanse.

— AB, Chicago, via email

Loving your products already! Will be in touch in the future :)

— CM, Houston Texas, via email

I wanted to send you a follow up email in regards to your amazing products. I’ve been using them for about a week and I absolutely LOVE them!! The smell and texture are perfect for my skin. I will be ordering more very soon and spreading the word to my friends know NYC!

— ES, New York, via email

I love your products and I have introduced your products to my friends and family too!

— LH, Maryland, via email

Thank you kindly for your effort and engagement, i do appreciate the personal attitude almost as much as i cherish a good product. And if your products are half as good as your customer service, you have gotten another devoted regular customer. I will most certainly send you a feedback regarding your products. In the meantime i wish you enough happy and thoughtful clients that your wonderful business can flourish. // Hey Milena, i just wanted to add that i liked very much what i read online about your work and i do hope i get to test the results of you efforts soon. Wish you all the best and thank you for making our world a cleaner place.

— NK, Austria, via email

I just got the toothpastes today. I can’t even believe they came so fast as usually shipping from Canada takes much longer to get to me. [...] Thank you so much for your thoughts and love the product among being all too glad to ditch chemical filled overly foaming toothpastes! :)

— DN, Las Vegas, via email

OH! And, X got her package on Friday and she LOVES the body butter sooo much. Seriously, MORE THINGS WITH VANILLA, pls&tx. :D   It smells like rich, spicy chocolate or something. UGH. So good. It also arrived at an important time for self-care, and she really needed something like that. She gave herself a spa day just ’cause of the care package we sent her. Oh, warm hearts. <3

— MF, Winnipeg, via email

thank you so much  I’ve heard great things about you .  so I’m sure you’ll be getting positive feedback within the next few weeks :)

— JG, Winnipeg, via email

I stumbled across your website and fell in LOVE with the concept and ethics behind JTG! [...] Thank you so much for the free samples, and such a personalized service, I feel so special!

— SD, Lachine, via email

BTW Milena, I received my first shipment of some of your products. I’m loving the ones I have used so far. Thanks for making these wonderful products!

— BK, Arizona, via email

Hi Milena! I received the products yesterday. I’m really really liking them so far! (And so is my mom.) We really love the consistency and how it feels on the skin. :)

— SR, NY, via email

By the way, he says he loves your deodorant that he ordered! Just know that four out of five siblings are true believers and users of JTG!!!

— AJ, Toronto, via email

I got my new products today and was so excited to try the facial scrub. My face feels silky smooth! Your products are the only ones that help keep my acne at bay. Thank you so much for being awesome and making such wonderful products!

— JC, Williamsport, via Facebook

I use the deodorant, moisturiser, massage oil and shaving solid from Just the Goods on a daily basis and it’s a life changing experience to embrace veganism in beauty and hygiene products, my skin has never felt better in spite of the dreadful 5 month Winter and my armpits had never been so deliciously happy

— SM, Winnipeg, via Facebook

I love, love, love the toner and moisturizer. I am looking forward to trying out the scrub and mask!

— HB, St. Louis, via email

I really like how you work and that you strictly say no to certain things. I am pretty sure this is important and this attitude is a reason why you have such a huge customerbase.

— AH, Berlin, via email

btw you changed my life yesterday. I got the vegan deodorant omg I’m with my nose under my shirt right now smelling my armpits

— S, Winnipeg, via email

Haha Hey Milena, I’m constantly amazed at how fast and thorough you’re able to reply while running a business. You better be getting sleep!  [...] Anyways, I just want to give you a HUGE thank you. Your replies very much helped me understand my skin. Thats about it, thanks again, you’re a big help in my life.

— SO, Washington DC, via email

Aw it’s just fantastic!! I tried it all already and I love it! True celebration for my skin ^_^ Hand and body lotion is awesome, though my hands are always so so dry and its hard to find something that makes them feel good. Thank you Milena for making this awesomeness <3

— LE, Florida, via Etsy

I have been using products from Just The Goods for awhile now and I absolutely love them and have heard nothing but positive reviews from my friends that now use them too!

— CS, Winnipeg, via Etsy

Best vegan leave in I’ve ever used! My hair looks very healthy after using this for a few weeks.

— AP, Nova Scotia, via Etsy

When you catch me raving about Just the Goods, know that it’s not just “OMG best products ever!” (though I do think they’re really swell, and they have worked really well for my skin), I’m also raving because beyond the product, this is a local business run by one kickass lady who says really smart things about why she does the things she does, and I support that a million percent.

— AC, Winnipeg, via Facebook

Yes, I have really enjoyed your products–your moisturizer in particular.  I recently developed an eczema spot on my face that had slowly been getting larger since I noticed it in the spring.  To try and isolate what the trigger was, I tried 3 different products I have been using before trying the sample lotion I bought from you over the summer.  Not only did the other products not work, but I had to start using a steroid ointment to control the eczema growth!  If I missed one day of the ointment, the eczema would come back.  Thinking I had nothing to lose, I tried your lotion and within 3 days my eczema disappeared!  If I miss using your lotion, within 3 days, my eczema is back.  Needless to say, I am THRILLED that 1) I do NOT have to continue using the steroid ointment, 2) I don’t have to spend an outrageous amount of money on safe, high-quality face products 3) I can get them in Winnipeg!  In my last order, I had purchased a couple of sample packs, which I have shared with some of my closest friends!  Hope they enjoy them and buy more products from you :)

— HS, Winnipeg, via email

Your project is special and meaningful. …..it’s the future. Let’s be the future.

— JCN, Spain, via email

My friend [...] from England sent me some of your body butter last year for Christmas and I LOVED them. Thanks for making such a wonderful product!

— DS, North Carolina, via Etsy

Just a testimonial for you… I had a makeup artist in that was working on a movie set this past week here in Winnipeg. She had a couple of teen actors that had really bad acne and was looking for a spot treatment. I suggested the JTG spot treatment. She just came back to get 2 more bottles as the producer was so impressed with the results that she wanted one & the makeup artist wants it for her kit. She is headed back to Vancouver & says she is going to tell everyone about it just as she did here.

– Sherry, Generation Green at The Forks, Winnipeg, via Email

Thank you so much for your stellar customer service!

— SF, California, via Etsy

well, of course! you make the best vegan face products I’ve come across in my whole almost 8 months of being a vegan :)))

— CB, North Carolina, via Etsy

Thank you for making this moisturizer, Milena! It’s absolutely amazing and remarkably gentle; I love it!

— SB, Alaska, via email

Looking forward to seeing you and picking up some new goodies. I absolutely love the facial moisturizer for dry skin that I ordered last time. I’m out of it and my face misses it! A few years ago, your toner replaced the Clinique toner I’d been using for years, and now the moisturizer will replace the Clinique one I’d been using for years. Your products aren’t only people/animal/ and earth friendly – they work really really well!! All this, and you’re a local business – jackpot! I’m hooked. :)

— KC, Winnipeg, via email

I recently converted my husband and he LOVES your facial care products! Thanks so much for making such wonderful and healthy products!

— MS, Sacramento, via email

Hi Milena, sorry for all the tiny sample sizes. We are going to korea later this month and wanted to bring samples to friends. Thanks!

— MG, Wisconsin, via email

You are welcome. I have extremely sensitive skin and am on a retin a product. I am able to use your acne line with no issues. Thanks again!

— TH via Pinterest

Gorgeous products, gratefully received…

— PDD, via email

I JUST got out of the shower and smell glorious… want me to run over so you can smell me????

— EN, Winnipeg, via Facebook

Milena! Thanks again for the order today, I immediately replenished my deodorant and sprayed my room with the amazing lemongrass spray and tried on the spicy nights oil. Always thrilled with your products, very glad to have discovered your line! [...] Soooooo fun to do what you love and have other people love it too! I am sure I will see you again soon, I am addicted to all of your products:) Thanks again!

— LM, Winnipeg, via email

Stocking up for mom too!!  We love your stuff and can’t imagine going back! [...] And I’m so pleased for you, for your successes!  Its so good when someone does good ethical work and is rewarded for once!!

— AF, Winnipeg via email

The product looks great, and the exceptional customer service will keep me coming back :)

— CS, via email

I just placed another order. I love the face wash I got and now I’m almost out but it took this long for my face to be the amazing thing it has become!

— NB, via email

The foot butter arrived today. Thank you so much! (It smells good enough to eat, wow!) Can’t thank you enough for your awesome products :D

— NHK, Winnipeg, via email

I’ve tried some of your products before and have fallen madly in love with your line :) // You’re wonderful! // I just appreciate your epic customer service :)

— RC, Alberta, via email

Thank you so much! Not too pushy at all! I am thankful for your email otherwise I might not have ordered. Thank you for emailing! Its nice to talk to you personally as well. I hope I love these because my efforts at home to make my own aren’t working very well lol I look forward to further business with you!

— AR, Illinois, via email

I too have secondhand Just the Goods products and have been very satisfied. I especially like the way my lips feel after using the ‘unflavored vegan nut-free lip scrub.’ Thanks Katie for intensifying the world of your blog supporters with your guests in the wellness series!

— Christopher Tobin (March 4, 2014) via http://themushymommy.blogspot.ca/2013/12/mothers-therapy-organics-skin-care-soft.html

And I would rather buy from you than the “big guys” so I will be back!

— NT, California, via email

I am enjoying your products, they are great! I love the smell, texture and the easy, fast way the face wash comes off. I am recommending your products.

— RR, Texas, via email

Oh my Gosh I LOVE your products. Your samples made a Just the Goods user out of me :)

— LM, Richmond Virginia, via email

Got my goods!!!!! Love them! The face wash with jojoba is my favorite. Thank you.

— SO, Washington DC, via email

Thanks very much for getting back to me, I was in no hurry for this order and was just checking as it was such a good price!  The toothpaste arrived brilliantly and the sample hand cream is so excellent that I will be ordering from you again. Very best wishes and thanks

— BB, West Sussex UK, via email

After looking over SkinDeep and trying to find something new (but safe) to use, I stumbled upon your items and after that first order, my mom and I are hooked. If only international shipping didn’t cost so much, I would have purchased more (like your hand/body lotion that you sent as a sample). But that won’t hold me back from the face wash/moisturizer. My skin feels great and I know it’ll definitely benefit me and our community in the future. Thank you for your hard work and wonderful products!

— KM, San Francisco, via email

Glad I found you [...]  By the way I find it so awesome what your doing and having this company and how much you care what’s in your products and that they are not tested on animals :) [...]  I’m so in love with your products! Everything thing I got just absolutely in love! I should have ordered the acne toner and acne moisturizer big size instead of what I did order the second time. Also thank you for the sample ;)

– & –

I’m so shocked!! I just my my second order in the mail today :) that was super fast !!! Thanks again and I’m so glad I found you ! I feel that your products are truly getting all the nasties out of my face fast! I’m seeing a difference in one day I’m so happy for for that. Btw I’m in love the the spot treatment and the smell ;)

— AC, Oaklaholma, via email

I am so excited to get our order. I asked you a bunch of questions regarding your products and ordered samples and loved them!  We had all of our samples muscle tested on my daughter and they all came back strong and great!  We were thrilled!  We are really thankful that there is someone like you and your company out there that is affordable and simply made!  Keep up the good work!!!

— KV, Pensylvannia, via email

I have to order some more stuff from you. I’ve referred some more people to you that have been having problems with their skin! X is one so hopefully she placed an order with you! And Y who ordered last week says her skin has never felt this way! She is loving it! So glad we all found your products! Thanks again!

— RP, Winnipeg, via email

Thank you for a prompt response. I’ll let you know when it gets here. The products are so good that we can’t wait patiently :)

— AR, Missouri, via email

I LOVE the cream BTW.  Beyond being so healthy and chemical free it really works well with my skin.  Thank you for making it!

— AJM, California, via email

I enjoy the product VERY VERY MUCH! I love how soft the face wash makes my skin. Hopefully it will help with how dry it is.

— ND, Vermont, via email

Thank you for getting back to me! I will look into the links you have provided me with. Also, thank you so much for being honest and not telling me to buy whatever for my lips to increase your sale! You are the first person I ever spoke to that gave me a true answer without trying to push me to buy things that might not work. By the way, your prices are great! I spend way too much money on skin care products which aren’t even natural. Thank you once again.

— FC, via email

I just wanted to let you know how much I like the deodorant and the body butter! The deodorant is particularly magical. I love the scent and it works forever on me. I only have to put it on once in the morning. We’ll see how it goes in the summer, but it’s already a million times better than Tom’s, which was what I used previously.

— EF, Montreal, via email

I got my samples and I LOVE EVERYTHING I GOT!!!!  So great!  [...]  Believe me, your butters tremendously improved my skin…. [...] I am sharing your site with friends and my nutritionist!  She is excited to check it out! [...] Thanks for all your help.  My daughter also loves the products!  Yeah!

— CV, Pennsylvania, via email

Hi, just wanted to say your products are amazing, I’ve been using everything from acne.org to pauala’s choice and I’m so happy to finally find a product that works. Just wanted to say I hope you keep up the good work and I’ll be a lifetime customer for as long as you keep making. Thank you again!

– & –

Hi Milena, I’m a big fan of your Acne Toner and I like to combine it with the combination moisturizer because the lavender really helps with inflammed acne.  Tea tree oil is a great alternative to benzoyl peroxide and the effects are safer. So I was just wondering if I could add my own tea tree oil to your Oily/Comb. moisturizer. To help with acne even more.  I know you have the acne moisturizer but I really like the lavender and lemon that has so far stopped every potential pimple from getting bigger. I only now get an occasional tiny whitehead usually from bacteria from constantly walking and traveling throughout the day. But after a month of your products ive never gotten an inflammed acne that got bigger and left holes in my face which im really happy about.

— SO, Los Angeles, via email

… please accept my heartfelt thanks for your generosity. I am very excited about your products since they carry a “ZERO” with EWG.

— LM, Florida, via email

I have been using the sample products I ordered from you…and I love them!!! I am a retired, state licensed esthetician for 31 years, and I have used many professional lines that don’t compare to yours!

— SD, Colorado, via email

Thank you for incorporating so much effort into helping customers receive your product. I don’t doubt that your labors are over looked.

— RR, usa, via email

Thank you Milena, I appreciate your honesty about the shipping. I really love your products. I am so happy to have found you. Keep up the good work. Your very happy and satisfied customer.

— AT, Ohio, via email

Thank you for your message! It is very comforting to know that there are people/organizations who put much care and consideration when making skin & hair care products that is safe and nurturing for especially children.

— BB, New York, via email

I may have one or two friends placing orders that I will pick up for them. I have told them that you are on holidays so if they place and order before the 22nd with a note that I will pick it up for them, that I would be happy to do that. I hope that they place an order and try out these products, I am completely blown away by all of them (cannot wait to try some new ones this time)! Thank you

— AW, Winnipeg, via email

I believe in your products you deserve high praise.

— BP, New Hampshire, via email

I wanted to let you know that the unscented deodorant still works great! I wear it all day without having to reapply! This is coming from a girl who used to have to use extra strength regular deodorant and I’d still get stinky! I love your deodorant! And the body butter is lovely! I’m glad I ordered the shea butter and not the cocoa butter.  I find the cocoa butter scent sooo sweet and strong.  It’s definitely not for me and I am extra happy with the light scent of the shea butter! Thanks again for the great products!

— AD, Ottawa, via email

Love this moisturizer. My skin is sensitive and acne prone. Worked wonderfully and my skin is so soft and smooth now.  First time ever that my skin is actually glowing and no longer dry and irritated.  Wonderful product.

— SQ, re-posted comment at website

I LOVE the packaging, I had to try the hand and body lotion immediately. It’s wonderful. I love the sent, it feels rich and moisturizing but sinks into the skin right away leaving my hands soft. I have eczema on my hands so I try to be careful about using all those lotions with filled with chemicals. This creme is soothing. I can’t wait to try the rest out on my face tonight.

— KR, Minnesota, via email

thank you for your help I appreciate your knowledge It makes such a difference when you are buying a product and the person or place you buy it from is knowledgeable.

— KT, Kenora, via email

I hope that they place an order and try out these products, I am completely blown away by all of them (cannot wait to try some new ones this time)!

— AW, Winnipeg, via email

Love your products Thanks!!!

— EC, Winnipeg, via email

BTW, loving your bath melts oh so much :)

— KS, Winnipeg, via email

also, this moisturizer is FUCKING AWESOME

– DD, Montreal, via email

So glad I found you via the EWG Skin Deep http://www.ewg.org/skindeep/ site! You’re products have a perfect score on their site as far as being safe, nontoxic and environmentally friendly. I was looking for toothpaste and yay I found some. Also glad to find skin care samples (‘vegan about face sample kit’) and mascara, which I haven’t used for years due to the scary ingredients in most products. Happy 2014 to us all!

— unknown, http://wholenourishment.blogspot.ca/2014/01/whole-resolution-skin-care.html

Am loving all of the products. The spicy nights perfume oil is really nice – your description of it on the website gave me a good idea that I would like it. I’m not a traditional perfume person so this is the perfect solution.

— KS, Switzerland, via email

PS that playful body butter is my new FAVORITE thing in the world. The biggest treat. Everyday I’m not having to go to scent sensitive place I just bask in it.

— AC, Winnipeg, via email

I just tried the sweet orange lip balm and I LOVE IT. It’s the perfect consistency! I am also loving your eye makeup remover – it feels lovely!! (my eyelids are ridiculously sensitive…)

— SP, Winnipeg, via email

Thanks so much and thanks for creating this line! What an answer to my prayers!

— KV, via email

It really makes a difference to buy lovely products from such a lovely person like you <3 :-).

— MB, Czech Republic, via email

I received my replacement face wash and toner..Thank you..and so far I am loving it all…The tooth paste is something I will have to get used to..it is different for sure…I do however worry if I will have bad breath as It seems to leave an after taste and not as refreshing as regular tooth paste…any tips on that…I guess I could ask one of my daughters if my breath is bad…lol  I truly love the way my face feels after I wash it..and it all smells so good  Also I used the lip mask which is awesome…my youngest daughter used it to and loves the way it smells..she said it smells so good you could almost eat it  Yesterday I used only the lip balm before I went to town and noticed as I was driving that my lips were yellow…thank goodness I looked in the mirror before I got out of the car…People would have been staring ;)…but it too makes my lips feel good..I am so glad I found your store..Thank you for bringing such a wonderful product tot he market

— KT, by email