Hello! JTG is now handmaking orders received May 11 - 17 for shipping May 24 or 29 due to May 20 being a hoiday in Canada 🌸 Orders placed May 18 - 24 ship by May 31 🌸 Thank you!
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production + shipping Information that may affect your current or next order


The central highlight of the information on this page is as follows:

Just the Goods will be operating at half-staff April 26 - May 11, 2019
Some orders placed April 19 - May 10 may be delayed as a result. 
Please order by April 18 for guaranteed shipping by April 26.
Orders placed April 19 - May 10 will be handmade beginning May 13
for shipping May 15, 17, and/or 27. Thank you!

For those seeking deeper insight into how Just the Goods operates...

Just the Goods is an intentionally small scale project that involves me - Milena - as the founder and producer of Just the Goods products accompanied by Amanda who is responsible for shipping as well as some areas of production. Together we make a selection of over 140 items under the name Just the Goods, as well as retailing/shipping a curated range of products by other handmakers. Products by other makers are inventoried at justthegoods.net, so you can see prior to purchase if a product is available or out of stock. Conversely, all Just the Goods products are made to order, which means that in many cases a product is not on the shelves waiting to ship when an order is placed; rather, it will be made fresh just prior to shipping. 

From week to week we operate on a cycle that involves allocating and shipping products available from the previous week where available, and making new batches to meet the needs of orders scheduled to ship the same week, with anything extra being held for the week ahead. This allows us to move rather quickly considering the extensive range of items handcrafted in small batches each week. 

Aside from a one-week holiday shut down at the end of the year, we schedule our time off so there is always someone available to receive and ship orders while the other is away. However, since our tasks are a little different, our production schedule can be affected when I'm away for extended periods. This will be the case during my planned absence from April 26 - May 11, 2019. 

To keep things running as smoothly as possible, I will make as many extra batches of JTG's most popular products as I can before I go to ensure our shelves are well stocked. However, in almost 10 years of operation, it is still as tricky as ever to exactly guess what folks would like to order at any given time, so I do my very best to produce extra inventory of approximately 140 different Just the Goods products. In this way, any orders requiring in-stock items only will continue to ship on schedule while orders requiring out of stock items will be handmade and shipped when I return. 

When any absence of more than a few days is known, we always provide as much notice as possible both on this site and via social media. This way anyone -- whether they purchase regularly or are visiting for the first time -- know what to expect in the weeks ahead.  And, we always provide notice of the last day by which to order to guarantee production and delivery before my absence. 

In this particular case, anyone wishing to guarantee their order be shipped prior to my departure on April 26 is asked to place their order by April 18 at the latest. 

Any orders placed between April 19 - May 10 requiring items that aren't in-stock  will be handmade when I return. I'm back late on May 10 -- I'll begin paperwork as soon as possible, then begin production on May 13. Amanda will then start shipping orders as they are complete beginning May 15, but some orders will ship on May 17 or 22 depending on how many different items are requested/needed and the total volume of accumulated orders overall. 

I hope this is helpful information not only insofar as it explains our unique approach to making/shipping, but also in terms of communicating how carefully we consider each order received. We appreciate your interest in Just the Goods and look forward to making your skin/body/hair care products any time, every time!

Thank you!
- Milena =-)



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