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wholesale information and a response to frequently asked questions

Update February 2023: With apologies, Just the Goods is currently unable to undertake any new retail partnerships. Please feel welcome to subscribe to Just the Goods' newletter ( or follow for updates. Thank you!

Just the Goods strives to make natural skin care options as affordable as possible and thus offers price points that serve a range of needs.

The lowest available price for individual buyers is obtained directly through Just the Goods — think of it as “factory direct” or “public wholesale”. Product prices are not inflated to retail rates because I do not have retail costs. Prices are not artificially inflated to create the appearance of cheap or free shipping, which establishes an unfair distribution of costs among buyers. The real cost of shipping is calculated and added to each order as per standards established by Canada Post, USPS or UPS (as per client specifications). My decision to price this way is based on my interest in creating products that are affordable, honest, and fair.

While Just the Goods was available on Etsy, product prices there were slightly higher to compensate for relevant service charges. Once again, the real cost of shipping was added to each order. For more information about JTG's approach to pricing, please click here.

Retail prices are established by approved resellers at their sole discretion to recognize the costs associated with the service they offer. Approved resellers receive:

  • slightly reduced product pricing with low minimum order requirements
  • retail ready tamper-proof safety sealing
  • discounted sample size product testers, in addition to complimentary testers offered with the initial purchase of each product
  • product line information and handling/storage tip cards
  • single page “self-talker” introducing Just the Goods
  • more favourable shipping rates since large parcels always cost less to send per item than small packets and parcels

Higher volume combined shipping is certainly beneficial for everyone, but the overall lower shipping cost per item associated with the average wholesale orders leaves ample opportunity for retailers to mark up individual products while still creating a very attractive option for people find the cost of purchasing one or two items at cost prohibitive. 

This is all to say that, even after retailers have adjusted the pricing of each item, clients appreciate the convenience of buying a few things as they need them at an overall lower price than ordering direct from Just the Goods after small order shipping has been factored into the equation.

The popularity of Just the Goods at several retail locations within Winnipeg provides an interesting case study in that -- even though local customers could order products from my website with delivery via Canada Post - they are overwhelmingly happy to shop retail (and pay retail pricing) because it is more both more convenient and possibly more enjoyable.

Yes, I am fully aware that conventional wholesale practices offer retailers 50% below public pricing, but Just the Goods is not a conventional project. As noted above, I work very hard to keep all prices as low as possible, and don’t inflate direct-to-client prices simply because that is what others do.

As a consequence of my deliberate pricing choices, I do not actively seek retail relationships. I am, however, open to working with progressive retailers in a manner that recognizes the distinct nature of handmade products designed to be accessible versus items mass produced in a factory for the explicit purpose of maximizing profit.

My ultimate concern rests with helping people switch away from toxic skin care products and cosmetics, so everything I handmade is produced with quality ingredients in small batches to protect product integrity without the use of artificial preservatives. This involves time and labour, and that is why Just the Goods is different, appreciated, and successful exactly as it is. I am not interested in growth for its own sake.
A wholesale price list with modest reductions for orders over the minimum purchase requirement (excluding shipping) is available upon request. Please note that interested retailers/re-sellers are encouraged to place an order through this website to ensure familiarity with Just the Goods as I receive many inquiries from retailers, estheticians, bloggers etc., worldwide and I have thus established a policy against the provision of free samples.

Thank you and all best,



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