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Just the Goods near you!

Thanks for visiting this website, your direct source for 160+ plant-based skin/body care products handmade by Just the Goods and offered at public wholesale rates.

Providing genuinely natural alternatives to mass produced, petrochemical-based products at an honest and accessible price is my number one priority; however, I'm always happy to partner with progressive retailers when approached.

The list below features an amazing selection of pro-social and eco-friendly businesses and/or collectives committed to distributing independently handmade goods. I appreciate their understanding of my unique approach to working that is not fixated on achieving maximum profit at any cost, and I admire the work they do in their respective communities! I highly recommend visiting them... not only if you need Just the Goods right away, but because they're super cool and you'll surely enjoy everything they have to offer!

Winnipeg MB

Hong Kong and Taiwan



Big shout out to Mondragon Bookstore & Coffeehouse, an amazing workers' cooperative in Winnipeg that closed January 2014 after 18 years of service to the community -- it was a pleasure and honour collaborating with you! 💚

Deepest affection to Sew Dandee, which -- in its incarnation as a retail storefront -- served as Winnipeg's centre for handmade goods for 8 years. As of October 2014, Sew Dandee took on new shape, and that's exciting! Thanks for letting JTG join your wild and wonderful ride in Osborne Village 💚

Much love to Amanda Jay Vegan Boutique, which offered gorgeous vegan lifestyle goods at locations in Courtenay and Victoria British Columbia from 2016 - 2018 💚

Greatest appreciation to Generation Green, which operated in Winnipeg for 10 years (2012 - 2022) through first a location in the Forks, then in the Exchange District. Thank you for welcoming Just the Goods to be a part of your incredible journey for so many years, Sherry! Your early vision helped Winnpeg learn about the value of local, and I'm excited for all you choose to create next 💚

Massive appreciation to Shop Take Care for including Just the Goods at it's two gorgeous Winnipeg locations for 5 wonderful years! Thanks for bringing so much magic to our city! 💚