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30. pregnancy / child care

Just the Goods take a cautious approach when it comes to the use of essential oils during pregnancy and/or nursing recognizing that individuals have unique health circumstances that may require personalized attention from a medical professional. As such, essential oils during pregnancy and/or nursing are best used under the supervision of a midwife, doctor, doula, or other health care provider that is aware of your personal health picture.

Just the Goods' normal/sensitive skin -- face wash, toner, moisturizer, and facial scrub if necessary -- are all used successfully by clients who are looking to keep skin clear during a time when their bodies and skin are experiencing such dramatic changes. For example, the correct use of toner for normal/sensitive skin can do a great job keeping pores clear at a time when the use of more astringent, antibacterial products are not recommended. To review my tips for daily skin care, including the most effective way to use toner, please visit: http://justthegoods.myshopify.com/pages/tips-for-daily-skin-care

Essential oils should be used very cautiously (or not at all) while nursing, or with any children under age 5, because their bodies are so small and they can easily develop allergies or sensitivities in reaction to essential oil. The same can be said for artificial fragrances which contain formaldehyde as well as other carcinogens and/or hormone disrupting agents.

This collection of products highlights options made without essential oils that are most suitable for use during pregnancy and/or nursing. These products are also considered safer choices for use with babies and/or children (with the exception of body scrubs, shaving soap, and the facial care line since such items are unnecessary/not recommended for use by children).

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask - thank you!


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