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Temporary COVID-19 Related Policies

Due to the unprecedented circumstances created by COVID-19, Just the Goods has operated as a one-person project since March 19 and will continue to do so until physical distancing is no longer required to protect public health and safety.

During this time I have enacted temporary production/shipping policies to serve you safely and efficiently:

  • Just the Goods orders will ship once per week:
    • To the US on Fridays
    • Within Canada and other international destinations on Saturdays
  • I will continue to handmake, pack, and ship orders as quickly as safely possible. Orders are currently taking 2 - 3 weeks for production before shipping, but may take longer if there is another unexpectedly high influx of orders. To estimate where your order is/will be in the queue, please refer to the top of every page of justthegoods.net. To view your individual order status, please click the "view order status" button in your order confirmation email. There are approximately 250 - 300 orders on the go at any given moment, and it takes longer to find an order to provide an estimate than it does to simply keep working, so please understand that I can not provide personalized responses to questions pertaining to order status. I've been working very long days, 7 days a week, since mid-March and I am moving as fast as I can. Please expect delays 💚 Thank you!

  • I may not be able to accommodate changes to orders after they have been placed (i.e. if they are already in production)

  • Please expect shipping delays via all available carriers as they have all suspended their delivery date guarantees

  • PLEASE NOTE: choosing UPS or FedEx as your carrier within Canada or to the United States will not move your order ahead in the production queue, and it will not guarantee faster shipping. If anything, it requires far more work for me to generate UPS and FedEx labels and may result in slower shipping since I can generate 10 USPS or Canada Post labels in the time it takes to generate 1 UPS or FedEx label, and I'm trying to get as many orders out as possible as quickly as possible. (Note: I originally wrote 4 USPS or Canada Post labels, but I timed it... and it's more accurately 10)

  • PLEASE NOTE: USPS and Canada Post have suspended shipping to some countries at this time. Please visit their websites for more information, or make arrangements through a re-shipper/consolidation service (i.e. Planet Express, Borderlinx, OA Cargo Express) which doesn't rely on USPS or Canada Post to reach your area. International orders that can not be shipped due to temporary restrictions will be refunded. 

  • Free samples will not be included with orders because I unfortunately don’t have time to make/pack/label them

  • To best allocate available raw materials and other resources, some products/categories will be temporarily unavailable

  • Please be aware that I may, at some point, decide to temporarily close justthegoods.net in effort to better manage the flow of incoming orders

    Beyond this, please know that Just the Goods is already well situated to reduce the spread of illness. To review current and additional measures, please visit a post shared on March 15: https://www.instagram.com/p/B9w8YtBg_b6/

    Thank you for your patience during these trying times 💚 Stay safe!

    All best,
    (Updated Jul 31)