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Just the Goods vegan unscented hand and body lotion
Just the Goods vegan unscented hand and body lotion - just the goods handmade vegan crueltyfree nontoxic skincare

Just the Goods vegan unscented hand and body lotion

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Please note: Just the Goods is currently facing a shortage of 235 ml / 8 oz aluminum bottles; this packaging format will be unavailable until more stock arrives. There is currently no established estimated time of arrival. Thank you in advance for your understanding. 
Grape seed oil is an affordable base for an effective, fast absorbing, and long lasting moisturizer that hands and bodies love! Re-apply after washing to prevent the discomfort of dryness.

This preservative-free product lasts longer when exposure to the elements (i.e. air, humidity, sunlight) is kept to a minimum. Please store in a cool, dark place and keep tightly sealed between uses.


vegan hand + body lotion – unscented
aqua (water/eau), vitis vinifera (grape/pépin de raisin) seed oil, ethoxylated sorbitan ester (vegetable based emulsifying wax/cire émulsifiante végétale), vegetable glycerin/glycérine végétale, tocopherol (vitamin e - non GMO soy/vitamine e - soja sans OGM)


This product is available in: 25 ml/1 oz hdpe bottles; 118 ml/4 oz hdpe bottles; 118 ml/4oz aluminum bottles with or without a pump; 235 ml/8oz hdpe bottles; 235 ml/8oz aluminum bottles with or without a pump; 235 ml/8 oz glass bottles with a pump

Bottle pumps and other accessories can be found here: https://justthegoods.net/collections/accessories

Please note: hand and body lotion is not available in 235 ml/8 oz glass bottles during the winter months because the water in this product can freeze, expand, and force enough pressure onto the glass that it shatters during transit. All cliches aside, Winnipeg *does* have a cold climate for a large part of the year, and that means this format is unavailable between mid-October to mid-April at my discretion. Thanks!

Please note: HDPE plastic bottles may be discontinued at any time.

Please note: Aluminum is thin and runs the risk of being dented either when shipped from the distributor to me, in the lab during production, or during shipping as a finished product. A dent in aluminum packaging is - at most - an aesthetic inconvenience in that it does not affect the quality or function of the product inside. The same is true for a beverage container - a dent that has not contributed to a leak does not impact the the product, which can still be consumed and enjoyed. Dents are therefore not considered product defects. For more information about this please visit:  https://www.instagram.com/p/B37nH80AbqE/

Note concerning current slight change in appearance of currently shipping batches

During the peak of Covid-19, the cosmetic grade grape seed oil that I usually buy for JTG's hand/body lotion was sold out, so I purchased a significantly more expensive variety to ensure I didn't run out of the material I'd need to fill product demand. This higher grade oil is darker in colour -- much like extra virgin olive oil is darker compared to oil derived from a second or third pressing. So, whereas JTG's hand/body lotion was previously white with a green undertone, the current lotion is pale green. In fairness to clients I have not increased the price of this product, despite it currently being so much more expensive to produce due to the different raw material being used. However, since it looks different, in the interest of full transparency, I want folks to be aware of why 🙂 

This darker colour has no negative impact on the quality of the product; it will not make your skin green. If anything, this material is more nutrient rich and I wish I could always use it while still delivering JTG's deliberately affordable price points! Please also note that variations in colour in natural products made from agricultural bounty are completely normal and you can find more about this if you scroll through older Instagram posts.



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