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Just the Goods vegan hair smoothing lotion

Just the Goods vegan hair smoothing lotion

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Designed with facial care for sensitive skin in mind, this product has become popular as an after sun lotion, or more ‚Äúhigh end‚ÄĚ body lotion. A lesser known secret is that it makes a fantastic smoothing lotion to help tame frizzy hair.

This product is handcrafted without the use of artificial preservatives. Please store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight for maximum longevity.


vegan hair smoothing lotion / lotion lissante des cheveux végétalienne: aqua (water/eau), persea gratissima (avocado/avocat) oil, prunus armeniaca (apricot/abricot) kernel oil, ethoxylated sorbitan ester (vegetable based emulsifying wax/cire émulsifiante végétale), aloe barbadensis (aloe/aloé) leaf gel, vegetable glycerine (glycérine végétale), tocopherol (vitamin e - non GMO soy/vitamine e - soja sans OGM)


place a very small amount in your palm and rub hands together before sweeping palms over hair to lightly  cover fly-aways, weighing them down just enough to reduce the appearance of frizz. Start with less and add more as required to avoid over application.


25 ml / 1 oz (please note photo is a stand in depicting a similar photo in a larger bottle)

Alternative product uses: 

As noted above, this item is a multi-function product listed as a variant of the following products all made using the exact same formula: 

  • facial mosturizer for normal/sensitive skin
  • unscented lotion with avocado oil + apricot kernel oil*
  • after sun lotion
  • tattoo after care
  • hair smoothing lotion

Client feedback over the years has indicated a preference for these products to be listed with different names (even though they are made with the same formula) to ensure there is no confusion with the suitability of other Just the Goods facial moisturizers for alternate purposes. For example, facial moisturizer for oily/combination skin and acne prone skin should never be used around the eyes, or for tattoo after care / after sun lotion. Likewise, Just the Goods facial moisturizer for dry skin should also not be used as tattoo after care, and it may cause irritation around the eyes for some people so it is best to avoid that. 

Please also note that for 8 years I attempted to convey that Just the Goods facial moisturizer for normal/sensitive skin could be used as an eye cream, but overall this was not sufficiently communicated until the product was given its own independent listing.  And so, like in the case of eye cream, all of these variations has been listed with different names to better serve those who expressed preference for this. Thank you!

* This is more nutrient rich formula than Just the Goods's conventional hand/body lotion which is a more affordable product made from lower-cost grapeseed oil rather than higher cost apricot kerneil oil and avocado oil. This formula also contains aloe whereas JTG's conventional hand/body lotion does not. Some have found this lotion helpful for very mild cases of dry eczema due to the apricot kernel oil content, but this product has not been laboratory tested as a medical product for specifically that purpose. 



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