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Just the Goods unscented vegan body butter
Just the Goods unscented vegan body butter - just the goods handmade vegan crueltyfree nontoxic skincare

Just the Goods unscented vegan body butter

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Feel good about using this body butter as all day-moisturizer because it is packed with naturally beneficial oils with no extras: no artificial colours or fragrances, preservatives, emulsifiers, or stabilizers.

Shea butter nourishes skin with vitamins A, E and F to keep it clear and healthy and provide relief to damage caused by over exposure to the sun. Most significantly, shea easily penetrates skin while allowing it to breathe because it doesn’t clog pores. Keep in mind that shea is a nut, so if you prefer to reduce exposure to nuts, we also offer a cocoa-based body butter.

Grape seed oil helps damaged and stressed tissues because it possesses regenerative and restructuring qualities. Apricot kernel oil, commonly found in baby products, contains vitamins A, C & E. It quickly absorbs into skin and helps to calm the inflammation and/or irritation of eczema and dermatitis. Apricot kernel oil also has a great shelf life when kept out of direct sunlight. A little bit of tapioca starch helps the product glide on without leaving a greasy residue

Scented versions of this body butter are available here.  

Nut-free body butter is available here.

This preservative-free product lasts longer when exposure to the elements (i.e. air, humidity, sunlight) is kept to a minimum. Please store in a cool, dark place and keep tightly sealed between uses.

Not sure if this item is right for you? Try a sample size first ūüėä

This product is EWG VERIFIED‚ĄĘ.


butyrospermum parkii (shea butter/beurre de karité), vitis vinifera (grape/pépin de raisin) seed oil, prunus armeniaca (apricot/abricot) kernel oil, manihot esculenta (tapioca) root starch 


  • Samples are packed in resealable HDPE plastic pods.
  • Full sized products offer 65¬†g/2.29 oz of body butter¬†filled by weight (not volume) in a 125 ml glass jar.

Additional information:

1) Just the Goods whipped body butter is packed by weight, not volume, so jars containing the batches that turn out more fluffy tend to look as if they are more full than jars containing batches that don’t have as much air whipped into them. There are a number of factors that determine how much air whips into a batch including: temperature when whipping starts, how long a batch rests in the freezer, how long the batch is whipped after the freezing process, or even how cold a batch was when it was packed into the jar and was sealed. These are issue that can be controlled in a mechanized/automated factory setting, but since handmade products involve human interaction, small differences from batch to batch can and do happen. The density, quantity and type of essential oils used in each recipe can also contribute differences between batches.

TL;DR: All jars do contain the same weight of product... the only difference is that some jars may contain fewer microscopic air bubbles.

2) Please note that this all natural product is made without artifical emulfisying agents to prevent it from melting during shipping in the summer. With that being said, Just the Goods has been shipping this product year 'round for the past 11 years and has observed that the shea butter and/or cocoa butter it contains is a resilient carrier oil capable of melting and solidifying multiple times without harming it's composition. As such, these products aren't considered damaged if they melt during shipping and are still perfectly good to use once they have recongealed into balm form. To do this, allow the product to rest in your fridge for approximately an hour. Yes, the texture will different because there won't be as many/any air bubbles trapped in the product from the whipping process, but the product itself is still completely fresh and will work in exactly the same way. Store remaining product in a cool, dry place to maximize longevity. 



Since a lot of folks ask... Yes! This product contains shea butter which contains high quantities of vitamin A known to help promote elasticity of skin thus reducing the creation and/or appearance of stretch marks when applied regularly to skin before they form. 



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