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Forest Spirit face mask supporting Coast Salish led resistance to the Kinder Morgan pipeline - just the goods handmade vegan crueltyfree nontoxic skincare

Forest Spirit face mask supporting Coast Salish led resistance to the Kinder Morgan pipeline

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Last year, to support the valiant efforts of the Water Protectors at Standing Rock, Just The Goods and The Granola Goat created Forest Spirit, a special and limited edition face mask combining the herbal and cultural value of yarrow and cedar. Water is life and we acknowledge that the struggle continues to protect all living creatures relying on fresh, clean water for survival. This is an important time of transition and allyship is needed as much now as ever.

Today we're re-launching this limited edition item in support of Kwekwecnewtxw and related Indigenous-led opposition to Kinder Morgan. All funds raised will go toward building and sustaining frontline resistance grounded in Coast Salish spirituality and culture to stop the Kinder Morgan tar sands pipeline. To donate directly, please visit 

On March 10, 2018 thousands marched to #ProtectTheInlet and witnessed the construction of Kwekwecnewtxw, which translates to “a place to watch from.” A Watch House is a traditional structure of the Coast Salish people that’s been used for tens of thousands of years to watch for enemies on their territories. The Watch House will be occupied by Coast Salish members, and used for ceremony and Indigenous gathering.

Kwekwecnewtxw is organized by Coast Salish members and supported by a range of allies including: Stand.Earth,, Greenpeace Canada, the Sea Wolves and more. Tsleil-Waututh members are involved, but not the Tsleil-Waututh Nation government or its Chief and Council. Kwekwecnewtxw will be an ongoing action. Details about next steps will be communicated to everyone who wishes to be informed. Text "READY" to 52267 and/or visit for more information. 

Kwekwecnewtxw is pronounced Kwu-kwe-ow-tukh.

Micmac people, as well as ancient Greeks, regard yarrow for its ability to treat sprains by reducing bruising and swelling. In China, it is used to brighten the eyes and promote intelligence. Ancient Roman tradition believes yarrow is ruled by Venus and the element of water. Throughout Europe, yarrow continues to drive away negativity and represent love. The Navajo people consider it a sacred Life Medicine and Anishinaabe people value it for purification. The Teton Lakota people call yarrow “medicine for the wounded.” In the Victorian language of flowers, yarrow represents both war and healing. From the perspective of herbal medicine, it is known worldwide to rid the body of toxins through the provision of anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, astringent and tonic benefits, and it can soothe irritated skin.

In many cultures worldwide spanning from Cherokee to Ojibwe to Druids to Norse, cedar is connected with ancestors so it is used to drive away negative influences, cleanse, heal, and protect. It can also promote confidence and strength. From a skincare perspective, cedarwood essential oil it is an astringent and can reduce irritation through anti-inflammatory and antiseptic benefits, making it a positive complement to yarrow, and a wonderful choice for oily or problem skin.


Forest Spirit
In a base of kaolin clay, this mask is soothing, clarifying, and exfoliating. 

Please note: Prolonged use of yarrow may promote photo-sensitivity and, in some cases, those allergic to ragweed may find a similar response to yarrow**. As such this mask is recommended for most skin types, but may not be suitable for those with highly sensitive skin or allergies to botanical ingredients. Although this mask does not contain nanoparticles, care should still be used to not inhale dust while preparing. This mask is not recommended for use during pregnancy/nursing.

This preservative-free product lasts longer when exposure to the elements (i.e. air, humidity, sunlight) is kept to a minimum. Please store in a cool, dark place and keep tightly sealed between uses.

*Just the Goods will donate $14.00 CAD per jar of Forest Spirit sold to #protecttheinlet 
**Liz and I are both allergic to ragweed pollen but experienced no adverse effects using yarrow/this mask


kaolin clay, achillea millefolium (yarrow) powder, juniperus ashei (cedarwood texas) essential oil


After washing face thoroughly, mix approximately ½ tbsp of face mask with a liquid of choice (i.e. water, aloe vera gel juice, rose water, green tea, etc.) to form a light paste; apply to face in upward strokes avoiding the eyes, nostrils and lips; allow to dry for approximately 10 minutes (sensitive skin should avoid letting the mask dry completely); soften with a splash of water, rubbing the mask gently in circular motions while rinsing it away to benefit from its exfoliating properties. Rinse face thoroughly, pat dry, and apply a moisturizer of your choice.


Each tin contains 28 g / approx 10-12 applications.




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