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Just the Goods limited edition peacock face mask for most skin types
Just the Goods limited edition peacock face mask for most skin types
Just the Goods limited edition peacock face mask for most skin types

Just the Goods limited edition peacock face mask for most skin types

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Beautiful blue, with a twist! This nourishing face mask is inspired by the joy of blue skies in summer, and the sense of happiness and wonder they can bring

  • Kaolin is a mild yet effective clay suitable for all skin types selected for its ability to absorb accumulated oil and dirt from pores without over-drying
  • Rich in antioxidants, butterfly pea flower matcha helps skin retain moisture, soothe minor irritation and redness, stimulate elastin, and strengthen collagen structure. Pea flowers are considered symbols of optimism and transformation and are believed capable of lightening mood
  • Lemon balm is also rich in antioxidants, which can help protect the skin against sun damage*. It is also lightly astringent, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory so it can help to cleanse pores and reduce irritation. When consumed as tea, lemon balm's nervine properties help to relax and sooth the mind. Energetically lemon balm is considered a herb that helps to bring happiness

Tip: If you have skin that tends to be oily, orif you experience occassional acne, you can have a little fun with this face mask by adding a splash of freshly squeezed lemon juice and watch the butterfly pea flower change from blue to purple! Lemon juice is astringent thanks to it's naturally occurring alpha hydroxy acid, which can help to clear blackheads 

10 jars of this face mask are available with a piece of shimmering peacock ore (Chalcopyrite, also known as Bornite), a mineral known to inspire happiness becuase... well, just look at it! It's gorgeous!

This product is suitable for most skin types, but not those with sensitive skin, or who experience excessive dryness. It contains no essential oils, and is generally considered safe for use during pregnancy/nursing

This preservative-free product lasts longer when exposure to the elements (i.e. air, humidity, sunlight) is kept to a minimum. Please store in a cool, dark place and keep tightly sealed between uses.

 * Please note, however, that antioxidants are not sunscreen or a suitable substitute for sunscreen


kaolin clay, clitoria ternatea (butterfly pea flower) petal, melissa officinalis (lemon balm) leaf


After washing face thoroughly, mix approximately ½ tbsp of face mask with a slightly warm or cool liquid of choice (i.e. water, aloe vera gel juice, rose water, green tea, etc.) to form a light paste; apply to face in upward strokes avoiding the eyes, nostrils and lips; let sit for 10 - 15 minutes or until mask is beginning to dry; rise well (rubbing in a circular motion to exfoliate if desired) and apply moisturizer as desired.


Each jar contains 30 g / approx 8 applications.

10 masks are available with a piece of peacock ore; 6 are available without



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