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Just the Goods Autumn Equinox / Mabon bath salts 2020
Just the Goods Autumn Equinox / Mabon bath salts 2020

Just the Goods Autumn Equinox / Mabon bath salts 2020

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Marking the end of summer, Mabon reminds us that we reap what we sow and thus encourages us to be grateful for everything provided by the sun and soil while prompting us to wrap up incomplete projects because winter's cold will soon demand that we turn all energy inward. Mabon is also the time of year when day and night become equal, so it's an opportunity to find balance before the earth falls quiet with the symbolic death of winter.

Mabon sea salt soak (270 g) features:
  • calendula (aka marigold) is associated with the sun and it's dried petals offer comforting reminder of summer so that light may cultivate from within
  • sweetgrass invokes peace and unity, especially important so communities may bond before the trying months of winter ahead
  • black salt (made with activated charcoal) repels negativity
  • medicinally, wild black spruce has been used to help relax muscles and open up respiratory airways. In helping us connect with our breath, it can enable us to better clear negative emotions by reducing anxiety, stress, and mental fatigue. In the forest, spruce trees provide refuge for wildlife such as deer, moose, and elk, which may in part convey why, energetically, it can help us to find peace and calm. In that calm we can locate the resilience we need to move into and through the dark season ahead.

Note: The 2017 edition of this product featured oakmoss essential oil because it had been used since ancient times to grant protection and strength before heading into the dark and unknown; however, it is an oil that may trigger an allergic reaction, so black spruce has been included as a substitute. Still, please note this product is not recommended for use during pregnancy or nursing, nor is it recommended for those with sensitive skin. 

These preservative-free products last longer when exposure to the elements (i.e. air, humidity, sunlight) is kept to a minimum. Please store in a cool, dark place and keep tightly sealed between uses. 


maris sal (sea salt), sodium chloride (salt) with carbo activatus (activated charcoal), calendula officinalis (calendula) flower petals, hierochloe odorata (sweetgrass) leaf, picea mariana (spruce black, wild) leaf oil


Add to a warm bath under running water as desired 


270 g / 9.52 oz in a glass jar 



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