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Just the Goods' "Sample First" policy

Yes, it takes a little extra time to fill and label sample-sized skin care products*, but I make a point of offering them as an intentionally affordable format so folks can try various options before committing to full size products. Why? For the following reasons:

🌼 To help folks switching from petrochemicals to plant based products. For example, you might think you have dry skin only to discover your past products are responsible for the dehydration you’re trying to resolve. Rather than buying full-sized Just the Goods products for dry skin, the skin care product selection quiz I programmed for justthegoods.net recommends trying samples of products for normal/sensitive skin, and *maybe* some for dry skin (depending on your responses to questions), to see which actually work best for you. And, did you know that other factors impact which product will suit you best, including the mineral content of the water you use, and/or the other products you include (or don't) as part of your routine? As another example, it's noted in my skin care product selection quiz results that following face wash with correctly applied toner generally gives better results than face wash alone. All in all, it can be quite challenging to know which items are best for you/your needs without trying a few samples first. As such, sampling first ultimately helps to avoid disappointment.

🌼 To encourage slow discovery rather than fast impulse buying; relatedly, to avoid a high-pressure sales situation. Buy what you need, if you need it, or don't. Not buying things is okay, too 😊

🌼 To avoid unnecessary waste of product, of packaging, of money, of time ... both yours, and mine. And, it's better for the environment when we all make careful choices. What can I possibly do with returned products other than pour unused portions into a garbage can, and containers into a recycling bin? An unfortunate waste, all in all, especially after the carbon spent on return shipping! Better to try a sample than to end up with a full bottle of an inappropriate product 😊

🌼 To turn away from unsustainable capitalist practices such as: "buy it, try it, don't like it, return it for free for a full refund!" Honestly, gimmicks like that only work when

  1. The product is overpriced and there is padding in each purchase to cover material and labour costs, shipping costs. In other words, you're paying for every "don't like it" every single time, including the "don't like its" of other people!
  2. The product has been made available via exploited labour (i.e. Mega corporations with “no-questions-asked” return policies such as Amazon and Walmart are notorious for suppressing labour costs to maximize profits, while also factoring in that a certain number of sales of products -- often made by other mega corporations exploiting labour -- will invariably end as returns).

Related to this last point, my “try a sample first” policy is definitely one part of what makes Just the Goods affordable, and transparently so. One of these days -- when I can find a moment, well after moving into the new space -- I’ll sit down and write a more comprehensive text on all the approaches I’ve taken since 2009 to keep Just the Goods affordable, sustainably 😊 But, that is another post for another day 😉

See the original post here: https://www.instagram.com/p/CPXGSnhAIVM/

* Just the Goods also offers samples of most other products including hand/body lotion, body butter, perfume… everything that’s logical, anyway… bath salts and body scrubs not so much 😅 And, I don’t tend to do it for products that are already only 1 oz in size (i.e. beard oil, deep conditioning treatment for hair). But, samples are certainly available for all facial skin care items wherein it’s helpful to mix and match options to find your preferred set 👍🏼

I realize not all products by other makers sold at justthegoods.net are available in sample sizes. Jack59 does, and it’s one of many, many reasons I chose to work with them! I currently carry samples of their most popular products at JTG, and will be adding more with my next restock. I’ve marked as final sale products that aren’t available in sample size (i.e. Green Beaver Company) 😊