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is Just the Goods cruelty-free?

Just the Goods seeks to offer affordable vegan products to help them become more widely available, therefore facilitating healthier living as part of increased consciousness about kind living, environment protection, and consumerism in general.

Just the Goods products are never tested on animals, nor do I commission such testing, because I believe it both unnecessary and unproven to make cosmetics safer for human consumers. Instead of testing Just the Goods on animals, I test all products on myself, and I am joined in this process by many great friends eager to try out my recipes. I am very concerned with how my products rank at, so the spectrum of ingredients I use have known safety records. The Compact for Safe Cosmetics has acknowledged my choices by granting Just the Goods Champion Status. Beyond that, be assured that I would never include in a product something I wouldn’t consider putting on my own body, or giving to people I care about =-).

In recognition of the fact that I do not allow Just the Goods products to be tested on animals and the fact that I don’t procure raw materials/ingredients that are tested on animals, Just the Goods was approved for inclusion in the Leaping Bunny Program on November 27, 2013.

With all this being said… while I do NOT include animal-based ingredients in my products, or allow testing on animals, I don’t typically describe Just the Goods as completely cruelty-free because I am not always able to obtain fair-trade or direct-trade ingredients for my products. I am however very conscious of this and strive to make the most socially conscious choices possible when obtaining raw materials. I am mentioning this because it is very important to me be that be as honest and transparent about Just the Goods as possible =-) Thanks!



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