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additional questions

Does Just the Goods make sunscreen?

Just the Goods does not offer sunscreen because I don’t have the resources necessary to commission clinical trials to confirm evidence of broad spectrum protection against UVA and UVB rays. And so, even though there are plenty of websites that might help one calculate SPF based on the combination and ratio of ingredients used, it just seems too risky for something so important. I prefer to share Environmental Working Group’s annual sunscreen round up (http://www.ewg.org/sunscreen). In the case of those insisting on experimenting with DIY formulas, I urge them to consider the following points:

  • calculating SPF is not simply a matter of adding ingredients to increase protection because factors such as concentration/dilution ratios apply (i.e. 3 - 10 SPF from coconut oil, plus 28 – 50 SPF from raspberry seed oil does not equal 31 - 60 SPF ... and, even if it did, that is a troubling speculative gap).
  • many oils can cause skin to absorb light faster and thus burn faster so, whatever the SPF ratings of ingredients might be in their own right, those benefits are often negated by the very process of applying those oils to skin.
  • domestic grade mixing equipment can not guarantee the absolutely even distribution of sun blocking ingredients throughout any given formula necessary to provide uniform, consistent and thus guaranteed protection.
  • Even ingredients with relatively safe ratings such as non-micronized zinc oxide need to be used within recognized guidelines. Wikipedia’s entry about sunscreen demonstrates the range in what is considered allowable according to the health and safety laws of different countries publishing such information.
  • Mineral based sun screens need to be applied more frequently and yes, they will leave a white haze on the skin

I am often asked what brand of sunscreen I use. My answer is that I actually don't have a particular sunscreen that I use and can recommend for daily use, not only because formulas change from year to year, and availability can vary by region, but also because I don't tend to use sun screen daily -- I work long hours and don't spend much time outside, and when I do, I prefer to stick to the shade and/or wear a hat. When I am exposed to sun, it's usually because I'm in water, and in that case I choose something that is safe for marine life, as well. Sadly, the best product I've encountered in that case isn't vegan, but I think it's worth using a bit of beeswax in order to protect fish, coral, etc --- http://raw-elementsusa.myshopify.com/. The stick format does leave white film on skin, so that's the main reason folks don't tend to use it daily and I personally avoid using it on my face because I'm pretty sure it'll give me acne. Again, my best recommendation is to check EWG's safer sunscreen guide, published each year: http://www.ewg.org/sunscreen/

Update (June 2017) For more information, please visit: http://www.ewg.org/enviroblog/2017/06/diy-sunscreen-bad-idea


Does Just the Goods make an eye cream?

After extensive research, I have concluded that conventional products marketed as eye cream typically contain little more than petrochemicals designed to feel light and absorb quickly, which are then packaged into smaller containers at a higher price because of misinformation about what skin really needs ... nutritive, non-toxic, plant based ingredients =-)

With that said, clients worldwide have expressed satisfaction using my facial moisturizer for normal/sensitive skin around the delicate eye area because it does not contain any essential oils which might cause eyes to water or burn. Some people feel comfortable using the facial moisturizer for dry skin in more extreme conditions (i.e. arid climates, or particular skin conditions). However, I never recommend that the facial moisturizer for oily/combination skin or acne prone skin be used around the eyes because they contain essential oils that are antibacterial and thus astringent in nature.  Those with oily/combination skin or acne prone skin typically opt to purchase a small, sample sized bottle of facial moisturizer for normal/sensitive skin to be used exclusively in this area. Not bad for only $3.00 ;-)

If I am - at some point in the future - able to create a formula that genuinely serves people in a different and better way as an exclusively single use item, you can be sure that I'll be completely transparent about it and *not* take advantage of marketplace collusion that treats little jars like miracle serums slapped with a hefty price tag.


Does Just the Goods make lightening products for fairer skin?

Just the Goods does not make products that perpetuate colourism or any other beauty standard associated with white supremacy. 


Does Just the Goods make feminine hygiene products?

Attempting to clean delicate interior and/or exterior genital tissue with any sort of commercial product is not recommended because it can disrupt the natural balance of bacteria necessary for maintaining good health, which could ultimately lead to discomfort, pain, and/or infections. Please read more information about this here:

The only safe way to wash this area of you body is to use water. If you must douche, again, use water only. Or, if you need to douche for medical reasons, consult a doctor and/or naturopath -- they might, for example, suggest a mild solution of apple cider vinegar and water, but only if you have an overgrowth of problematic bacteria (i.e. candida albicans, also known as yeast). But please know that ads for feminine washes, sprays, etc. are designed to do one thing, and one thing only: shame women into spending money on products they do not need.  So please do take care of yourself and your long term health and don't use a feminine wash or talc powders -- simply shower daily using plenty of water.

My order froze in my mailbox! Now what? 

If you received Just the Goods products in a frozen state, no worries! It is actually only exposure to excessive heat/humidity that runs the risk of damaging items as it can lead to the deterioration of natural plant-based ingredients causing rancidity and/or mould growth. If a product reaches you in a frozen state, simply allow it to rest at room temperature then shake well before using. I advise highly against accelerating the thawing process by putting bottles and/or jars into hot water or a microwave as this can disrupt not only the ingredients, but the consistency/binding of the product.


Your face wash is thin and I can't pour it out of the bottle without spilling

Just the Goods is about using the least amount of ingredients to achieve a clean, effective formula -- "just the goods", and nothing extra. Adding emulsifiers, even plant based ones, increases cost (raw materials + labour) as well as potential allergens or toxicity (i.e. xanthan gum is made from corn, emulsifiers made from seaweed can contain trace amounts of heavy metals).  If you are having trouble tipping the bottle only slightly to pour the desired amount of product into your hands, I offer a range of re-usable bottle tops to maintain a low price point for each product and to reduce landfill waste as those items can not be recycled: https://justthegoods.net/collections/accessories. Some folks like pumps, others like flip tops, but most overwhelmingly prefer to use the products without extra accessories to maintain as low an environmental impact as possible. 

Why do some jars of body butter look more full than others?

Just the Goods whipped body butter is packed by weight, not volume, so jars containing the batches that turn out more fluffy tent to look as if they are more full than jars containing batches that don’t have as much air whipped into them. There are a number of factors that determine how much air whips into a batch including: temperature when whipping starts, how long a batch rests in the freezer, how long the batch is whipped after the freezing process, or even how cold a batch was when it was packed into the jar and was sealed. These are issue that can be controlled in a mechanized/automated factory setting, but since handmade products involve human interaction, small differences from batch to batch can and do happen. The density, quantity and type of essential oils used in each recipe can also contribute differences between batches.



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