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Just the Goods "about face" vegan skin care sample kit
Just the Goods "about face" vegan skin care sample kit
Just the Goods "about face" vegan skin care sample kit - just the goods handmade vegan crueltyfree nontoxic skincare

Just the Goods "about face" vegan skin care sample kit

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If you're curious about Just the Goods' vegan facial care products, this is everything you need to get started! Packed pretty in a silver organza bag, this kit is a perfect gift to yourself or someone you really like =-)

Please indicate your preferences using the drop down menu below – feel free to mix and match between skin type formulas

These handcrafted products are made without artificial preservatives. To protect their integrity and promote longevity, please store in a cool dark place and seal tightly between uses as heat and sunlight will cause premature deterioration.

Product selection tips:

Having trouble choosing the right facial care products? Just the Goods' primary line offers 12 face washes, 4 toners and 4 moisturizers... that means 192 possible combinations of products to help meet you personal needs, before factoring in things like facial scrub, spot care, serum, etc!

For more information about choosing the right products for your skin type -- even sensitivie, acne prone skin -- please visit:

And, if you're shopping on behalf of children/tweens/young teens, please visit: 


Since there are so many formula options available in this kit, please see the primary listings for each product for a complete list of applicable ingredients per item. Thanks!

A note about lip balm flavours: Just the Goods’ lip balm base is made from a diverse assortment of carrier oils including olive oil, cocoa butter, sea buckthorn oil, and castor oil, among others. From a functional perspective, they combine very well to offer rich and long lasting moisture. However, without additional flavouring provided by natural essential oils, the combination of carrier oils doesn't taste particularly yummy. It is for this reason that Just the Goods doesn’t currently offer an unflavoured lip balm option.

Further on the subject of available flavours: Although there have been requests for options such as pomegranate, coconut and cherry, please note that such flavours -- even ones that are derived from natural sources -- still contain ingredients like propylene glycol, which are never included in Just the Goods products.


Each bottle is 25 ml/1 oz; each lip balm is 5 g




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