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Omega Synthetic Vegan Shaving Brush with Beech Wood Handle - just the goods handmade vegan crueltyfree nontoxic skincare

Omega Synthetic Vegan Shaving Brush with Beech Wood Handle

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Just the Goods is proud to offer a cruelty-free shaving brush that is both affordable and sturdy enough to last a lifetime. These synthetic bristles, more like boar in appearance and function, represent the next generation of synthetic technology. Omega brushes made in Italy are world renowned for quality and shaving with one is a true pleasure! This brush features as a beech wood handle offering a pleasant weight and timeless aesthetic. 

To use, saturate bristles in warm water then press onto a Just the Goods shaving solid with rigorous circular motions. Don’t be afraid to press hard and really get in there! Remember, there is no artificial foaming agent added to our shaving solids, so the only way to get the tiny bubbles you need is to work them up with good ol’ fashioned friction. Once you’ve created bubbles, apply them by scooping them onto the bristles of the brush onto the to the area you’d like to shave. Remember, you don’t need too much – a little goes a long way.

When you’re finished, rinse your brush with warm water, then lean or stand it upside down so the excess water runs out — this will help your brush last longer by preventing water from breaking down the adhesive holding the bristles in place. If you like, you can drill a hole through the handle of your brush to string a cord so you can hang it upside down until you’re ready to use it again.

Model: OMEGA S-BRUSH S10005
Knot diameter: 25 mm
Bristle loft: 54 mm
Handle height: 56 mm
Made in Italy



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