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Cheeks Ahoy Organic Cotton Mesh Bag (Facial Rounds sold separately)

Cheeks Ahoy Organic Cotton Mesh Bag (Facial Rounds sold separately)

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Green your daily facial routine by replacing disposable cotton balls and facial rounds. And, to ensure they don't get lost in the wash (as small things are prone to do), these organic mesh laundry bags are here to help!

Cheeks Ahoy Organic Bamboo Facial Rounds -- sold separately -- are perfect for removing make-up, applying toner,  or washing and exfoliating your face. Once you've used them, wash and dry them with your towels and they're ready to use again. Find them here: https://justthegoods.net/products/cheeks-ahoy-organic-bamboo-cotton-facial-rounds

Handmade in Peterborough Ontario by Cheeks Ahoy. 


 Use this bag to collect soiled facial rounds. When it contains a dozen or so, close and gently secure the drawstring , then toss the full bag in into your washing machine along with your towels, then into your dryer. 


Size 10 x 9". 100% organic cotton. Machine wash and dry. Shrinkage will occur after first wash. 

Bamboo + cotton rounds sold separately; pictured together for scale only.



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