JTG is operating with a revised production and shipping schedule ✨ Now handmaking orders placed Mar 21 - 28 for shipping by Apr 3 ✨ Temporary scheduled closure: Apr 4 - 12 ✨ Orders placed after Mar 28 *may* ship by Apr 3 but should expect to ship Apr 17 or 24 ✨ Thank you!

Responding to COVID-19

I imagine you've encountered many messages over the past few weeks conveying statements from various companies letting you know what actions they're taking to curb the spread of COVID-19. I know it can feel stressful, and I hope I'm sharing communication that is useful to you.

Quick background:

On March 15 I shared via social media the extent to which Just the Goods is already well situated to reduce the spread of illness, and described some of the ways I've taken those measures steps further (https://www.instagram.com/p/B9w8YtBg_b6/).

A week later I annouced that I'd cancelled my two week vacation and replaced it with a one week staycation, and that Amanda wasn't going to be travelling at all, so we'd be better able to fill orders placed throughout March and April... and then circumstances changed again. 

Yes, Just the Goods is remaining open during these strange days of safe distancing.

With that said, my heavy heart needs to let you know that I’ve been working alone since Friday March 20 as a consequence of this pandemic and its effects on all of us. I am still healthy and well, and so is Amanada -- we’ve both been taking social distancing very seriously. We Manitobans are lucky that we started to Flatten the Curve early so we’re not seeing spiking numbers of illness as in the case of other provinces, or across the United States. My heart goes out to all of you navigating this wherever in the world you may be.

Since I’m working alone now, please know that I have needed to make important changes:

  1. Instead of shipping to the US on Wednesdays and Fridays, I am now shipping to the US on Fridays only, and to Canadian addresses on Saturdays. Pickups at Organic Planet remain the same. I have made this change so I can spend more uninterrupted time focusing on production to be as effective with every minute as possible

  2. Please know that I’m simultaneously trying to manage important administrative responsibilities ranging from resolving technical problems with e-postage apps, bookkeeping apps, and now Service Canada --- it is a tragic shame that employers are having a hard time acquiring Records of Employment for folks because it is absolutely impossible for people to register for the benefits to which they are entitled without that very important document!

In the midst of these hurdles, I’m trying to be as fast as possible with your orders and I’m grateful for your patience and understanding while I do my very best.

As of this moment, I’m still trying to take April 4 - 12 away from work for rest. I am so grateful that orders are still coming in; however, balance is important, and I recently noticed I haven’t had a full day off work since January, so it is important for me to hold this time and space.

I’m glad I left extra time between the March 21 order deadline and the original date of my now cancelled vacation. It feels doable to have everything finished by April 3, so much that I've extended the deadline to March 28.

Orders placed after March 28 *might* be able to ship by April 3 if I've already handmade the required items, and if I have time to ship them before I close JTG for the week. 
I can not estimate this possibility in advance, or offer any guarantees to orders placed after March 28, because I am working alone due to unforseen circumstances and am already working as fast as I can. 

And so, ultimately, orders placed after March 28 should expect to be handmade when I return and ship April 17 or 24, 2020. 


Thank you to Runnin' Red International for continuing to cross the border so I can get your US-bound orders to you! Thank you to so many of my suppliers and UPS for continuing to get materials to me. Just the Goods will remain open to make and ship your orders for as long as I am permitted to do so.

I think this is everything for now. I’ll keep you updated if there are any changes. Thank you to everyone who has been so kind these past few days on social media and via email. I’m grateful to you for your orders, your shoutouts, and your generous words written privately. Truly, thank you 💚🙏🏽


  • I am working alone until things go back to normal
  • I am shipping to the US once a week on Fridays, shipping via Canada Post once a week on Saturdays, local pick ups at Organic Planet Worker Co-Op remain the same
  • I am still trying to take a week off April 4 - 12 so the March 21 order deadline still holds
  • I am doing my best
  • thank you for being awesome 🤗


With all best,
Milena / Just the Goods
Last updated March 24, 2020

Written with content from "Just the Goods Quick News - A COVID-19 Related Update" 



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