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Discontinued: Just the Goods vegan moisturizing body wash / shower gel. Click "Overview" for further information

Discontinued: Just the Goods vegan moisturizing body wash / shower gel. Click "Overview" for further information

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Important notice: The SLS-free organic soap base I used to make JTG's body wash has been discontinued and replaced with a new formula. While the thicker viscosity is more like a conventional detergent based product, I don't like the ingredients of the new formula and have decided to discontinue this product. I’m terribly sorry about this news as I know some of you are big fans of this item. I wish I'd had the foresight to stock up on the original base in order to defer this news for as long as possible but unfortunately Covid-19 had challenged all sorts of supply chains. 

However, as an alternative, I'd like to recommend the following item: The Green Beaver Company Fragrance Free Natural Baby Wash 

Yes, the product I'm recommending as an alternative is designed with baby care in mind but.... did you know, the¬†now discontinued JTG product pictured here was *also* designed with baby care in mind? I didn't label it as such, but everyone with sensitive skin still got to benefit from the¬†formulation ūüėä So, my thinking here is that if¬†this alternative product is safe enough for babies, it's definitely safe enough for adults. Additional benefits of offering this product instead:

  • it's the same size product for the same price as what I offered before
  • it's¬†nut-free,¬†unlike the JTG product which included shea butter

I apologize for the inconvenience and hope you understand why it's important to me to offer a product with ingredients that meet my standards, rather than continue offering something for its own sake. Thank you. 




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