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Just the Goods "Get up and Go" kit
Just the Goods "Get up and Go" kit
Just the Goods "Get up and Go" kit - just the goods handmade vegan crueltyfree nontoxic skincare

Just the Goods "Get up and Go" kit

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Show someone you care with the gift of safe skin and body care, or treat yourself!
This vegan grooming kit, packed in a medium weight kraft paper box, covers all the basics: shaving cream and brush, facial moisturizer and deodorant.
These handcrafted products are made without artificial preservatives. To protect their integrity and promote longevity, please store in a cool dark place.


Vegan shaving solid ingredients: SLS-free and propylene glycol-free melt & pour base (water, vegetable glycerine, sodium stearate and sodium oleate, sorbitol, stearic acid, lauric acid, sodium laurate, sodium myristate, pentasodium pentetate, tetrasodium etidronate) with shea + essential oils for scent where applicable. Please see individual product listing for complete ingredients.
Vegan facial moisturizer ingredients: distilled water, avocado oil, apricot kernel oil, vegetable based emulsifying wax (ethoxylated sorbitan ester), aloe vera gel, vegetable glycerine, vitamin e + essential oils (where applicable). Please see facial moisturizer listings for additional details. Please see individual product listing for complete ingredients.
Vegan deodorant: distilled aqua (water), xanthan gum (from corn), potassium alum, aloe barbadensis (aloe) leaf gel, ricinus communis (castor) seed oil, gluconolactone, sodium benzoate, cymbopogon martini (palmarosa) oil + essential oils for scent where applicable. Please see individual product listing for complete ingredients.

And, with these items comes a premium vegan synthetic shaving brush with a beech wood handle manufactured by world famous Italian brushmakers Omega. 

Product tips:

Just the Good’s vegan shaving soap gives a satisfying, clean shave that helps skin feel great thanks to vegetable-derived stearic acid and kaolin for slip and lather, essential oils that disinfect and provide antibacterial support, and shea butter moisturizes.

Shaving soaps are quite different than conventional shaving cream in a can. As you know, cans use aerosol or other expellants to fill a petroleum base with gas and/or air to create a mousse. Just the Goods shaving solids, however, are made without sodium lauryl sulfate or other artificial foaming agents, so the trick to making them work is to use a shaving brush to create tiny bubbles.

To create lather, first saturate your brush with warm water then swirl it onto the shaving soap in fast and hard circles until tiny bubbles form. Next, using the brush, scoop up the bubbles and transfer them onto the area you wish to shave. A little goes a long way, so even the appearance of what is required is different than conventional shaving foam — all you need is a thin layer to help your razor glide. Please note that if you try to rub the shaving soap directly onto the desired area, you won’t get enough bubbles to reduce the friction of your razor across your skin. A shaving brush is therefore required to whip up the soap, introducing air into the mixture, and creating the bubbles needed to do the job well.

When you’re finished shaving, tighten the lid of the the jar to prevent the soap from drying out and shrinking. The brush should be rinsed out and, ideally, hung upside down so water doesn’t sit in the base, which may case the adhesive holding the bristles in place to deteriorate. A clean, dry brush also means less bacterial growth, which means a fresher, healthier shave.



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