Exciting news! US orders now ship from the US via USPS!
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Just the Goods ships worldwide via Canada Post, USPS + UPS

To offer the lowest possible (public wholesale) pricing, the cost of shipping is not hidden in the price of each individual handmade item. Rates are calculated by each carrier respectively.

Orders to the US now ship from the US via USPS. I am still working out conversion from USD to CAD and Imperial units to Metric weight to create reliable averages, but please know that any accidental overpayment of shipping will be refunded when I'm processing e-postage for weekly shipping. As of July 6, 2016, orders to the US will be transported to the US on Tuesdays. Delivery occurs within 1 - 4 business days. Tracking is included with all parcels. Delivery by is also UPS.

Shipping within Canada? Clients interested in accessing discounted bulk shipping rates on orders shipped within/to Canada are encouraged to process credit card purchases with PayPal to take advantage of PayPal's relationship with Canada Post. Processing a credit card purchase using Shopify payments will result in shipping charges slightly higher than those available via PayPal.

Updated July 6, 2016



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